5th Degree - Instructor

Angela Batiste

Ms. Batiste was introduced to Tae Kwon Do in 1990 at age 19. Her father, Master Ronnie Ramsey who currently holds a 6th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do thought it was time to add a female to the rankings of the family. She has several family members that have studied Tae Kwon Do. During her 12 years of training, the experience and knowledge of the art that she has achieved has made her a better person in life.

She has been blessed to meet and learn from some of the best Instructors from many different styles of martial art. As a martial artist, she respects all styles. Ms. Batiste keeps an open mind knowing what might not work for me can benefit the next person. She earned her nickname "Sho-Nuff" in 1999 due to a hairstyle she had when she won her first Grand Championship at the Texas Karate Showdown in Houston.


  • Earned her 1st Dan Black Belt November 24, 1997

  • Ranked among the "Top Ten Competitors" in the 1997 TKL (Traditional Karate League) Championship Series in the State of Texas

  • Instructed a six-week Women''s Self-Defense course at Freedom Christian Fellowship in 1997

  • Ranked 3rd in the "Top Ten Competitors" in the 1999 TKL (Traditional Karate League) Championship Series in the State of Texas

  • Instructed "The Edge" Karate Club in 1999 that offered an after school program to four middle schools in the Fort Worth area

  • Assistant Instructor at Ramsey Karate Academy for 10 years

  • Participated in TKL, AOK and AOL tournaments in 1992, 1995, 1997 and 1999.

  • Instructed a 6AM Aerobic Kickboxing classes 4 days a week at the Cimarron Recreation Center in 1999 for one year

  • Instructed Aerobic kickboxing classes at Victory Park Baptist Church in 2001 for six months

  • Instructor/Student at Vision Martial Arts in 2001 learning the (ITF) Tae Kwon Do Chung Ji forms from Master Diane Reeves

  • Participated in charity work for March of Dimes. Raised $400 in breaking boards at Vision Martial Arts in 2001

  • Currently a volunteer at the Collin County Rape Crisis Center as a Rape Crisis Invention Counselor

  • Instructed a six-week Self-Defense course for the associates at Alliance Data Systems in 2002

  • Held two Self-Defense Seminars in 2002

  • Assisted Grand Master Young in a Stranger Danger Workshop in 2002

  • Participated in a two-day Health Fair as a vendor promoting Tae Kwon Do classes and "Stranger Danger" workshop in 2002

  • Incorporated Tae Kwon Do classes at Alliance Data Systems for company associates in 2003


Ms. Batiste was promoted to 5th Dan in September 2015 upon nomination from Master Ottis Wooten, Grandmaster Royce Young and by vote of the High Dan Board.

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