4th Degree - Instructor

Dennis Shuman

Dennis Shuman has been a Texins Karate member since 2002 and is a certified AKBBA instructor.

Mr. Shuman was born in Euclid, Ohio on November 18th, 1995. He was active in sports during his school years with baseball, track and swimming. During his first year of college in Lakeland Ohio he was introduced to Martial Arts as part of the curriculum and was taught by his first Sensei Eb Molesch in 1976. He became an assistance instructor to Sensei Molesch until he relocated for work to Cincinnati Ohio. Work took Mr Shuman back to the Cleveland Ohio area and in 1988 where he joined back up with Sensei Molesch. In 1992 Dennis once again was taken away for work and eventually ended up in Plano Texas in 1997.

Mr. Shuman was at the fitness center at his place of employment where he saw Mr. Wooten and Ms. Batiste practicing. They asked him to join up with them to work out but he declined with a poor excuse that it has been about 20 years since he has last seriously practiced. It took three weeks of coaching but he finally attended the class and as they say “The rest is history”. He received his Black Belt from the Batiste Martial Arts Academy from Sensei Batiste and a rank of 1st Dan from the Lifetime Karate Academy from Sensei Gene Kleckner.

In 2010, upon examination by Grandmasters Royce Young, James Toney, and Master Ottis Wooten, and by approval of the High Dan Board of the AKBBA, Mr. Shuman was promoted to 3rd Dan (3rd Degree) in Chung Do Kwan.

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