6th Degree - Senior Instructor

Jeff Kowalski

Mr. Kowalski has been involved in the martial arts since college, where he participated in both the Tae Kwon Do and Judo Clubs. He began “formal” training upon graduation.

While pursuing his career, Mr. Kowalski was required to transfer around the country quite a bit. This made it difficult to find quality instructors and complete his training. As a result, he decided to take a “different paths” and study different styles during his journeys. As you can see, this approach to training is certainly not a “fast path” method, but it has helped him to become a well-rounded and open-minded practitioner.

In 2005, after successfully completing an initial training series in Okinawan Weaponry (Kobudo), and upon examination by Grandmasters Keith Yates, and Mike Proctor, Mr. Kowalski was promoted to the rank of Shodan (1st Degree).

In 2010, upon examination by Grandmasters Royce Young, James Toney, and Master Ottis Wooten, and by approval of the High Dan Board of the AKBBA, Mr. Kowalski was promoted to 4th Dan (4th Degree) in Chung Do Kwan. 

Mr. Kowalski tries to remain active in his martial arts training and growth. From 2000 to 2003 he placed consistently in sparring, kata, and self-defense on the tournament circuit, and he is constantly studying different aspects of the martial arts. “Never Stop Learning” - To continue expanding his knowledge; Mr. Kowalski frequently attends seminars and other classes to study different techniques. Some of these include Kokusai Jujutsu; Krav Maga; Defensive Tactics & Restraint Techniques; Aiki; Tai Chi and others. This all adds to his credentials and teaching abilities, and helps him to remain versatile, with a number of martial arts styles in his arsenal. His specialty is in self-defense applications, and here at Texins Karate he has been instrumental in taking our self-defense training to higher levels.

Next up, Mr. Kowalski hopes to continue with formal studies in: Kokusai Jujutsu (a combat art that has impressed him greatly), and to further his growing interest of the “internal aspects” of the arts, he is also very interested in Tai Chi; Kappo, and Seikufujutsu (Japanese art of massage, adjustment, & physical restoration).

Add that he has also held certifications as a personal fitness trainer through ACE & NSCA; Aerobics Instruction through IDEA; and is currently pursuing professional PMP Certification from the Project Management Institute; we are sure that you will agree that he has a LOT going on.

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