7th Degree - Head Instructor

Ottis Wooten

Ottis Wooten is another long time Texins Karate member and is the school's General Manager.

In 1972, he saw his first karate movie and later attended a martial arts demonstration given at a local high school. Inspired by legendary figures such as Chuck Norris, Jim Kelly and Bruce Lee, he signed up for classes at Tracey's Karate managed by Jay T. Will. Mr. Wooten joined classes at the Northwest Tang Soo Do School taught by Sensei Robert Thompson in 1975. In 1980 he moved to Dallas to work for Texas Instruments. He heard of the Texins Karate school from coworkers and attended his first class. In that first class, he was introduced to the "Texas Handshake" - a front snap kick to the groin immediately after bowing to an opponent.

Mr. Wooten received his Black Belt in TaeKwonDo from Mr. Young on February 14, 1988 and continues to teach four classes a week at Texins Karate at the Spring Creek and Dallas facilities. He holds the honor under Grandmaster Young as the longest continuous tenure in teaching as an instructor of that club for over 15 years. Mr. Wooten has taught corporate self defense courses offered through Bally's/President's Health Clubs and continues to train at Texins Karate. His training methods are classic and he continues to train some of the finest practitioners and Black belt instructors in Texas at Texins Karate.

Throughout his martial arts career, Mr. Wooten has placed and won many tournaments against some of the regions best competitors in fighting and forms. Mr. Wooten is known to workout with many state and regional male and female champions in kata, point and full contact matches. Some of his training partners have been rated regional Black belt champions, including a 5-years running U.S. Karate Championship nominee.

Mr. Wooten continues to strive for opportunities to showcase Texins Karate as a member of the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) and the National Association of Professional Martial Artist (NAPMA). He is the Editor of the monthly Texins Karate newsletter and administrator of the Texins Karate website.

Mr. Wooten was promoted to 7th Dan in September 2015 upon nomination from Grandmaster Royce Young and Grandmaster James Toney, and by vote of the High Dan Board. In February 2006, Mr. Wooten was promoted to 1st Dan in Kobudo (the study of Okinawan weapons) by Grandmaster Keith Yates and Master Mike Proctor. In January 2008, Mr. Wooten became the Head Instructor and General Manager of Texins Karate.


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