Tae Kwon Do

Tae kwon do is a Korean philosophy of self-defense which means foot-hand-art. The physical aspect of Tae kwon do is made up of 90 percent foot techniques and 10 percent hand techniques. Tae kwon do is not only learning how to defend yourself with your feet and hands, but also with your mind. Your body can be controlled by your mind. In order to perform Tae kwon do, you must first develop a strong mind.

"What does Tae kwon do have to do with respect and hard work?" It has everything to do with it! Respect and politeness is taught by example.

The instructor honors each student's hard work (irrespective of their skill level), and the student replies with politeness and respect back to the instructor. Each person gains respect for what their body and mind are able to do, the importance of hard work to obtain progress, and to respect

the contributions made by other persons.

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